Fennes Shooting Ground is predominantly a sporting shooting ground, however it is our aim to provide a complete facility for all shooters and disciplines. So in addition to our sporting shooting ranges, we also operate a single skeet range and a single down the line range (DTL). Our large 120ft and smaller 30ft tower offer you the chance to really test yourself!

We have 14 stands, and over 50 traps to offer with a variety of targets to suit all abilities. Our trap specialist and groundsman team work hard to change the trap layout regularly to keep you on your toes! 

Our Promatic card readers, enable solo delay so you can come on your own or with your family and friends. 


We hope this update finds you well and your families well and safe. 

As a business, safety for our staff and customers is paramount, we have many new procedures to be followed for the foreseeable! You will notice some differences when you visit Fennes Shooting School. 

We ask customers to do the following: 

1. All customers will need to book an appointment prior to attending Fennes Shooting School and will be given a time slot in which to shoot. 

2. You MUST be a shotgun license holder (or be with someone from the same household who is) if completing a practice session. Please bring your shotgun license with you on the day. 

3. You MUST have your own shotgun (or be with someone from the same household) who does when booking a practice session. 

4. The 2m social distancing ruling will apply across the ground. 

5. Hand washing facilities are provided at the entrance to the ground, we ask that you use this on arrival. 

6. A maximum of 4 people from the same household, or 2 people from different households can go around the stands together, ensuring they main social distancing. 

7. The Clubhouse will remain closed for eating and indoor seating - however the reception desk is located inside. We ask that only one member of the party enters at any one time and a face mask is worn. 

8. All payments are made on a pay and play basis and it is CARD Payment only. 

9. CHILDREN - Shooting children aged 10 years or older are welcome to attend to shoot, supervised by a member of the same household. Unfortunately non-shooting children must not be brought to the ground at the moment. Please comply with this rule as we don't want to disappoint people by turning them away. 

10. We recommend shooting gloves to be worn alongside the usual eye, easr and head protection which is mandatory while on the ground. Hats, eye protection and one-use ear plugs can be purchased at the Clubhouse if necessary, but wheere possible we ask if you can bring your own. 

11. The outside toilet remains open. We are operating a strict one person at a time only policy with correct hand washing facilities and these will be cleaned regularly. 

12. We ask all members to bring their interactive card on arrival. 

13. We are currently offering takeway food and drink, but this cannot be consumed on site. 

14. All release buttons on the ground will be continually disinfected throughout the day.